Mobilizing a Multi-Stakeholder Coalition

Deliver for Good is a global Campaign powered by Women Deliver and a diverse set of partners working across sectors.

The Campaign’s strength comes from the broad-based coalition of organizations and individuals rallying together to prioritize action and investments for girls and women at global and national levels. More than 400 organizations have joined the Campaign by committing to deliver for girls and women.

There are currently 14 Partner organizations serving on the Campaign's strategic Advisory Group. Working across issues, these organizations have publicly signed on to the Commitment to Deliver for Good and work together to develop and execute the Campaign’s multi-year strategic plan. Partners actively contribute to the evidence base and champion the Campaign across their organization’s programs, policies, and investments.
Advancing gender equality across the Sustainable Development Goals requires collaboration across issue areas and sectors – including the private sector. The Deliver for Good Business Ally Network is breaking down barriers and fueling effective engagement between civil society partners and leading multi-national companies to accelerate progress for girls and women. The founding members include:
There are currently 52 ally organizations. These organizations have signed onto the Commitment; contribute to the evidence base; provide expert consultation; and act as public champions of the Campaign.
The Deliver for Good Campaign has initiated dedicated advocacy and communication efforts in Kenya and Senegal. In each country, local civil society organizations are convening a network of partners to drive country-specific advocacy and communications strategies devoted to ensuring girls’ and women’s issues are prioritized in the implementation of the SDGs. The country coalitions — comprised of cross-issue, cross-sector, and cross-generational experts — are designed to better facilitate the coordination of advocacy efforts across the range of areas affecting girls and women. Country partners include:
The Deliver for Good Campaign is made possible with the generous support of donors including:

Partners, Allies, and Supporting Organizations who have signed the Deliver for Good commitment to girls and women may not necessarily endorse all approaches and activities promoted as part of the campaign.