Mobilizing a Multi-Stakeholder Coalition

The Deliver for Good Campaign is an advocacy initiative that mobilizes development partners from across sectors, issue areas, and geographies to center gender equality in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Advisory Group is comprised of partners working at global, regional, and national levels (in Kenya and Senegal) to mainstream gender equality in the implementation of the SDGs. Together, they shape the strategic direction of the Campaign, collaborate on advocacy activities, build collective messages, and share lessons, knowledge, and capacity to advance the Campaign’s objectives.
The Deliver for Good Campaign has initiated dedicated advocacy and communication efforts in Kenya and Senegal. In each country, local civil society organizations are convening a network of partners to drive country-specific advocacy and communications strategies devoted to ensuring girls’ and women’s issues are prioritized in the implementation of the SDGs. The country coalitions — comprised of cross-issue, cross-sector, and cross-generational experts — are designed to better facilitate the coordination of advocacy efforts across the range of areas affecting girls and women. Country partners include:

The Deliver for Good Network brings together diverse stakeholders who share a mutual commitment to the Campaign’s objectives and serve as public champions of the Campaign. Receiving target communications from the Advisory Group Partners, members of the Deliver for Good Network (DFG Network) are provided with communications and advocacy opportunities to take action online in support of the Campaign. We invite you to stay up to date with the Campaign by subscribing to the DFG Network here.

The Deliver for Good Campaign is made possible with the generous support of: