The Investments

The Deliver for Good Campaign network advocates to drive concrete action across 12 critical investment areas.

The Deliver for Good Campaign network advocates to drive concrete action across 12 critical investment areas.

Following a review of the Open Working Group paper on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Women Deliver and the initial Deliver for Good Campaign partners identified 12 investments for girls and women that place a gender lens on the SDGs and promote integration. These 12 investment areas for girls and women were selected because of their potential to bring about high social and economic returns, such as increased global productivity and equality, for individuals and societies for decades to come.

Girls and women carry more than babies. They carry families. They carry businesses. They carry potential. And when we invest in gender equality and prioritize their health, rights, and wellbeing, it creates a positive ripple effect that lifts up entire countries.

Boost Women's Economic Empowerment
Improve Maternal and Newborn Health and Nutrition
Improve Data and Accountability for Girls and Women
Invest in Girls and Women to Tackle Climate Change and Conserve the Environment
Accelerate Access to Resources – Land, Clean Energy, Water, and Sanitation
Strengthen Women’s Political Participation and Decision-Making Power
Ensure Equitable and Quality Education at All Levels
Dramatically Reduce Gender-Based Violence and Harmful Practices
Ensure Health For All
Meet the Demand for Modern Contraception and Reproductive Health
Respect, Protect, and Fulfill Sexual Health and Rights
Build Sustainable Financing and Partnerships for Girls and Women
Women’s economic empowerment is a pre-requisite for inclusive and equitable economic growth.
Investments in maternal, newborn, and reproductive health save lives and increase the social and economic benefits for developing nations.
Data play a critical role in understanding gaps in programs and investments and in holding governments accountable.
Gender equality is critical to improving the environment and fighting for climate justice.
Improve girls’ and women’s access to resources ― land, clean energy, water, and sanitation ― and they will be healthier, wealthier, and safer.
Paving the way and advocating for more women leaders in the political, business, and civic arena is an investment in more just, equitable, and peaceful societies.
When girls and women receive a quality education, they will deliver more equitable, healthy, and prosperous societies.
Eliminating the threat of gender-based violence and harmful practices is critical to safeguarding the dignity and wellbeing of girls and women and to cutting staggering costs due to violence.
Healthy girls and women are the cornerstone of healthy societies.
A woman’s access to modern contraception, reproductive healthcare, and the ability to decide on her own body is the bedrock of gender equality, economic development, and progress for all.
A world without fear, stigma, or discrimination is a prerequisite for gender equality, as is girls’ and women’s ability to live according to their sexual health and rights.
The transformative power of girls and women is undeniable. It is time for development partners to invest wisely, invest together, and invest often.